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    SMD4 | ErrorDO

    It all happened on the way to ORD. When the SMD4 took off from LAX enroute to FRA, then on to ZUR … ah, that’s right, ZUR is a correct airport identifier for the Zurich Airport, but the more appropriate airport code is ZRH. So we have a collection of one-of-a-kind collectors item t-shirts commemorating the relevant authority responsible for the provision of ground traffic services on the runway aprons at the Zurich Airport—ZUR. Available only in light...

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    MegaDO Luggage

    This custom Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin bag features a custom matte black finish and a MegaDO logo, both exclusive to the MegaDO and not available anywhere else. $200 of the purchase price is donated by Rimowa back to Milepoint Cares to help others.   This Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 21″ Cabin Multiwheel (spinner) is of particularly high quality made of extremely durable polycarbonate—tough enough for most any Milepoint/MegaDO road warrior. It is 21.7″ high, 15.7″ wide and 7.9″ deep which means it’s a “cabin” piece of luggage that is going to stay with you on the plane, not in cargo. It has 8 ball bearing wheels which means you can do tricks with it when...

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    Kiva Lending Team | sticker

    Here’s a sticker that you can attach to your laptop, spinner, the back of your iPad or even garage fridge that reminds you of your support for Kiva. The Kiva Lending Team on Milepoint is no overnight sensation—it took them just under a year to loan $1,000,000 to help others. Then they hit the $5,000,000 mark helping change others lives shortly after two years. Milepoint defines paying it forward for frequent flyers. Sticker size: 4 inches X 2...

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    Learn. Earn. Burn.

    The Frequent Traveler University is all about the ins and outs of earning and burning miles/points and this t-shirt exemplifies your Road Warrior degree. Available in charcoal gray. A portion of the proceeds of each t-shirt sold will go toward charities including the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund, LIVESTRONG, Make-A-Wish Foundation and...

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    More Miles

    Use these playful bag tags to identify you to other frequent flyers as you travel and also as an identifier when having to check you bag and waiting for the carousel to come around. Really, don’t you want “more...

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    Here’s the signature t-shirt from the oneworld MegaDO which featured one of the best flight delays ever. Ever? Yes, ever. With an international itinerary of JFK >> LHR >> DFW, this MegaDO provided experiences in Dallas that hasn’t been touched yet (we’ll get to the flight delay). Host American Airlines treated everyone to a slide and a pool party (use your imagination frequent flyers). Charter route was DFW >> SEA >> LAX. As for the “best flight delay ever” … you have to go on a MegaDO to find out what this means. Really,...

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